In Germany there is a huge land, water and air rally in Berlin this weekend.

This demonstration lasts 5 days…. DAY & NIGHT. You can take food and drink, but organizers have taken care of having enough basements (which people have given them to use) where they store water and meals. They even spread it through the streets, because people come in cars, planes and buses. Once the rally starts they can’t leave town. They manifest until the government leaves Berllin. Demand that everyone resigns. They also manifest themselves in front of the embassies of America and Russia to ask for intervention and achieve freedom for all, not only German, but also Europe and other continents. They ask for sovereignty for the world population. French yellow vests, people from Ireland , Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and many more countries are coming.

Please send your energy on 29.8.2020 to Berlin, to support those who face it, and are there in person.


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