In een historische daad van directe democratie hebben twee volksvergaderingen op Vancouver Island de civiele en politie-autoriteiten opgeroepen om af te zien van de handhaving van COVID-voorschriften of te worden beschuldigd van deelname aan een ‘criminele samenzwering tegen de vrijheid en gezondheid van het volk’.

Eerder deze week trotseerden dezelfde Assemblies COVID-voorschriften door een Public Safety Bylaw uit te vaardigen die sociale distantiëren, quarantaine, maskering en verplichte vaccinaties verbiedt als “ongezond, onwettig en ongerechtvaardigd”.

Onder deze wet kan iedereen die COVID-voorschriften probeert op te leggen, boetes en gevangenisstraf krijgen binnen Common Law Courts die zijn ingesteld door de Assemblies.

Zie voor informatie en dit interview met de Common Law-activisten: https: // -….

31 augustus 2020 gepost als een wereldwijd persbericht.

In an historic act of direct democracy, two Peoples’ Assemblies on Vancouver Island have called upon civil and police authorities to stand down from enforcing COVID regulations or be charged with partaking in a “criminal conspiracy against the liberty and health of the people.” Earlier this week, the same Assemblies defied COVID regulations by issuing a Public Safety Bylaw that outlaws social distancing, quarantining, masking, and mandatory vaccinations as “unhealthy, unlawful and unwarranted”. Under this law, anyone who tries to impose COVID regulations can face fines and imprisonment within Common Law Courts established by the Assemblies. For information see and this interview with the Common Law activists:… . Posted August 31, 2020 as a global press release.



    • Avatar Johanna Voogd

      Very good news.Congratulation.

      May God bless you and give you much happiness.

    • Avatar MARTIN SITAK

      Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing with us. We don’t hear or see anything of this in the Mainstream media here in Europe. Congratulations!!!

    • Avatar Danny

      Kijk das nieuws

    • Avatar Ludi

      Yessss… so happy for you all 👍🏼❤️

    • Avatar Descheemaeker Rik

      Great news. In Belgium we continue to believe the lies and manipulations of the government concerning covit

    • Avatar Noor Edixhoven

      Great news! Thanks!
      Congratulations 🎉👏
      Please, let the entire world follow this amazingly good example🤗♥️🙏🙌

    • Avatar Ludy Kolijn

      God bless you brave guys keep up the good works 🙏🏼

    • Avatar Aisha Meijer

      Dat zou geweldig zijn

    • Avatar Christa Gijsman

      THE Nederlands here the peple are the power all over the wold the virus are CURROPT GOUVERMANDS.

    • Avatar Cor Harteveld

      This is very good news…we hope that it will go oversea and hopefully we can do the same here in holland!!!

    • Avatar Theo

      Good to hear I have family living in Canada. We are fighting the same war in the Netherlands. WWG1WGA!!

    • Avatar J. Lewis

      Great news.

    • Avatar pieter

      Hallelu – Yah
      Great news!!! There is only One God and I praise Him for His mercy.
      we must keep continue the fight, read prayer, against the “bad guys”, to be as one nation under God. united we’re strong

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